Lead-Lined Laboratory Furniture

All Lead-Lined Cabinets...

  • Are available with 0.25", 0.5" or 1" lead shielding
  • Have key locking doors and drawers; card slots for labels
  • Support up to 1,500 lb
  • Can be moved with a standard pallet jack
  • Have built-in seismic anchor brackets
  • Have lead shielding fully encased in steel - no exposed lead
  • Have durable powder-coat finish and stainless steel tops
  • Measure 36.5" high, 24" deep (except Phantom Cabinet)
  • Can stand alone or in combination with other lead-lined or conventional cabinets (except Phantom Cabinet) Shielding
All lead-lined cabinets are fully shielded on six sides with solid sheet lead. Corner lead shielding is overlapped and consistent with lead thickness. 

Countertops are stainless steel with backsplash and spill-proof lip. When ordering multiple units for grouped configuration, a unified countertop may be ordered to provide a continuous work surface. Lead-Lined Cabinets can also be ordered without countertops.
Lead-Lined Radioisotope Storage Cabinet
Designed for safely storing radioactive materials.
Lead-Lined Decay and Storage Cabinet
Designed for radioactive material storage and decay.
Lead-Lined Preparation Enclosure Base Cabinet
Designed to support the Lead-Lined Preparation Enclosure.
Lead-Lined Sink and Waste Cabinet
Performs three functions.
Lead-Lined Generator and Storage Cabinet
Provides hot lab radiation protection without hampering the elution process.
Lead-Lined PET Unit Dose Cabinet
Designed for PET hot labs with limited space, the PET Unit Dose Cabinet provides a space-efficient work area over a fully shielded storage cabinet.
Lead-Lined Refrigerator
Designed for storage and refrigeration of radiopharmaceuticals, tagged biologicals and other radioactive materials.
Lead-Lined Decay Cabinet
Designed for long and short term storage of decaying radioactive material.
Lead-Lined Preparation Enclosure
Designed for applications that require handling gaseous radioactive materials.
Lead-Lined Waste Cabinet
Designed for storing “non-sharps” radioactive waste.
Lead-Lined Waste and Storage Cabinet
Performs two functions.
Lead-Lined Unit Dose Cabinet
Designed for hot labs with limited space.
Lead-Lined Phantom Cabinet
Stores flood sources and phantoms on their ends.
Lead-Lined Storage Safe
Conveniently loaded from the front, this Storage Safe is ideal for storing large quantities of high activity radioisotopes.