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Dose Calibrator Reference Standards (RV or E Vial)
(SS&DR No. CA0406S148S)
Dose Calibrator Reference Sources provide a safe and convenient method of calibrating instruments for measuring the accuracy of imaging solutions most commonly utilized by medical technicians. The Dose Calibrator Vial is manufactured by distributing the active element in 20 mL of epoxy, comprising a density of approximately 1.0 g/cm3. Each standard is supplied in a 27 mL polyethylene vial. Calibration is in terms of activity contained in an aqueous solution. NIST traceable within ±5% at the 99% confidence level.

Product Code    Nuclide Activity (mCi) Activity(MBq)
RV-057-5M  Co-57  5  185
RV-057-10M  Co-57  10 370
RV-137-200U    Cs-137 0.200 7.4
RV-137-250U   Cs-137 0.250  9.25
RV-133-250U    Ba-133 0.250 9.25
RV-SET   Co-57, Cs-137, Ba-133 5, 0.200, 0.250  185, 7.4, 9.25
RV-SET-1    Co-57, Co-60, Cs-137, Ba-133 5, 0.050, 0.200, 0.250 185, 1.85, 7.4, 9.25
RV-SET-2    Co-57, Co-60, Cs-137 5, 0.050, 0.200 185, 1.85, 7.4
RV-060-50U    Co-60 0.050 1.85

Other nuclides, activities, and geometries are available upon request.
Spot Markers (SM-057)
(SS&DR No. CA0406S106S)
EZIP's Spot Markers are used for patient orientation during SPECT studies. A 0.136” (3.45 mm) diameter active area is marked with purple epoxy and centered in a 1” x 0.250” (25.4 mm x 6.35 mm) clear acrylic disk. Contained activity is supplied as a nominal value ±15%.

Model Number    Nuclide Activity (μCi) Activity (MBq)
SM-057-25U    Co-57 25 0.925
SM-057-50U   Co-57  50 1.85
SM-057-100U   Co-57  100 3.7
SM-057-200U  Co-57  200  7.4
Other activities and nuclides are available upon request.  

Pen Point Markers (PP-057)
(SS&DR No. CA0406S173S
The EZIP Pen Point Marker is used to mark a point or region of interest during SPECT studies. The Pen Point Marker contains Co-57 in a resin matrix at the end of a 5.4” (13.7 cm) anodized aluminum rod. The pen-shaped rod screws into a brass cap which shields the active point. The Pen Point Marker is used in tracing the outlines of anatomical features on a patient. The trace appears almost instantly on the image display. Contained activity is supplied as a nominal value +/-15%.

Model Number Nuclide Activity (mCi) Activity(MBq)
PP-057-100U   Co-57 100  3.7
PP-057-200U    Co-57 200 7.4
Other activities are available upon request.

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