PET Sources FAQs

  1. I don't know what source goes with my Siemens Biograph TruV?

    EZIP has provided a camera cross-reference in the Application Guide on this website. This sheet will have source recommendations for all PET cameras currently available. This sheet also has OEM recommended nominal activities.
  2. I don't see any prices in your catalog. How can I request a quote?

    Call Dupharma at +45 32 50 66 10 or send a mail to dupharma(at)
  3. I can't find what I am looking for in the catalog. Are there other options available?

    EZIP manufactures sources for different types of modalities and can customize almost any of its existing products. Please contact us for pricing and availability on any custom source.
  4. I have extra source(s) I want to return. Can you take them back?

    EZIP can take back most nuclear medicine sources / isotopes beyond the one for one disposal program for a cost. Please contact us for additional information.
  5. I have a fillable phantom that I have been using for QC. Can you turn that into a long lived source?

    We can convert your fillable phantom to a long lived source! Contact your local dealer for more information.
  6. What are the technical specifications of your source(s)?

    We will provide you a source data sheet, specific to your source, that will outline uniformity specifications, reference date and recommended replenishment dates.
  7. I have a need for a QC source that I don’t see listed on your cross-reference sheet. Do you offer customized sources?

    We can manufacture PET sources for custom needs or applications. Please contact us directly for additional information.
  8. I see that your cross-reference guide recommends a different activity than what I currently have. Why is that?

    Our sources are manufactured to OEM specifications. Activities for all sources have been reviewed and approved by the OEM. It has been our experience that some items have various activities, sometimes based on the country. We will manufacture your replacement source at the activity you wish to receive.
  9. What is your exchange policy for any new purchases?

    We will take back your spent source on any new purchase on a one to one exchange. All return authorization numbers, return instructions and other documents will be sent with the new source.
  10. I didn't get a return kit with my new source. What do I do?

    Please go to the customer support section of this website for a printable version of our return kits.