PET - Preparation and Shipping
Containment, shielding and shipping solutions.
Pro-Tec Pig and Accessories
Products for safety and containment.
Zevalin - Preparation and Shipping
Shipping and exposure reducing products.
BEXXAR - Preparation and Shipping
Dose, dipper and shipping solutions.
Radiopharmaceutical QC
Testing and handling products.
Shielding and Storage
Protection with radioactive materials.
Syringe and Vial Shields
Products for reducing exposure while offering complete visibility.
Dose Calibration
Hot lab management systems.
Decontamination and Sampling
Testing, management and decontamination products.
Radioiodine Fume Hood
Meets the demands of iodination procedures.
Lead-Lined Laboratory Furniture
Designed specifically for practical, secure storage of radioactive inventory.