Tec-Control Chromatography Systems

Tec-Control Chromatography Systems


For radiopharmaceutical quality control

Tec-Control Chromatography tests the radiochemical purity of specific Tc-99m-labeled radiopharmaceuticals. The accompanying chart shows which strips and solvents are required to perform each individual test. Some solvents must be purchased separately (see Sigma-Aldrich chart) due to hazardous material shipping restrictions.

Detailed instruction manuals are packaged with each strip container, although our Radiopharmaceutical QC Procedure Manual (151-000) explains paper chromatography in greater detail.

Miniaturized Chromatographic Quality-Control Procedures for Tc-99m Radiopharmaceuticals; A. Michael Zimmer and Dan G. Pavel, Journal of Nuclear Medicine, Vol. 18/12, Dec. 1977, pg. 1230.

Technical Parameters Associated with Miniaturized Chromatography Systems; Raimund A. Taukulis, A. Michael Zimmer, Dan G. Pavel and Bhupendra A. Patel, University of Illinois Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois, Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology, Vol. 7/1.



Models and Ordering

To order, call +45 32 50 66 10

Chromatography Strips

150-001  Strips, RED, 50/pkg? 
150-005  Strips, BLACK, 50/pkg
150-025  Strips, YELLOW, 50/pkg
150-122  Strips, ORANGE, 50/pkg
150-125  Strips, LIGHT BLUE, 50/pkg
150-127  Strips, GREEN, 50/pkg
150-130  Strips, GOLD, 50/pkg
150-771  Strips, DARK GREEN, 50/pkg
150-772  Strips, BLUE, 50/pkg
150-951  Strips, LIME, 50/pkg
150-952  Strips, PEACH, 50/pkg
150-971  Strips, TEAL, 50/pkg
150-991  Strips, PINK, 50/pkg
150-782  Strips, ALUMINUM, 50/pkg

Chromatography Solvents

150-160 Solvent, 20% Sodium Chloride, 30 ml? 
150-773 Solvent, DTPA, 5 ml
150-781 Solvent, Aluminum Standard, 5 ml, 10 µg/ml
150-783 Solvent, Aluminum Standard, 5 ml, 5 µg/ml

Related Items:

150-960 Developing Vials, 10 ml, 288/case
(used for all Tec-Control testing)? 
150-961 Developing Vials, 5 ml, 144/case
(used for Sestamibi & Tetrofosmin)
066-533 Forceps, Curved, Locking, 9.5" l
(24.1 cm)
066-535 Forceps, Straight, Locking, 9.5" l
(24.1 cm)
066-536 Forceps, Curved, Non-Locking,
12.5" l (31.7 cm)
Tec-Control Solvent Vendor:
Sigma-Aldrich Chemical Company
800-558-9160 / www.sigmaaldrich.com

Note: Customers outside the US should visit Sigma-Aldrich web site to locate a regional office.

Solvent Description  Vendor Part #
Acetone HPLC Grade  
Ethyl Acetate 99.5% ACS Reagent  
Chloroform 99.8% ACS Reagent  
Tetrahydrofuran 99+% ACS Reagent