PET - Preparation and Shipping

Gaard Lock™ PET Syringe Shield
Reduces hand exposure from syringes containing 511 keV radionuclides such as FDG F-18.
High Energy PET Sharps Container Shield
A simple, safe and convenient solution for disposal of syringes that have been contaminated with high energy radionuclides.
PET Dose Drawing System
For drawing FDG F-18 from a vial into a syringe
Deluxe L-Block Shield
Designed for managing large quantities of high-energy radionuclides.
Compact L-Block Shield with built-in Dose Calibrator Shield
Designed to maximize the space of facilities receiving unit doses of high-energy radionuclides, such as FDG F-18.
Compact PET Shipping System for Two Unit Dose Pigs
for Two Unit Dose Pigs
Compact PET Shipping System for Vial Pig
For Vial Pigs
Intego™ Vial Shipping System
The PET shipping system for use with the Medrad® Intego PET infusion system.
PET Pig Rack
Designed for countertop use, the PET Pig Rack holds up to eight PET pigs safely and conveniently.
I-131 Sodium Iodide Shipping System
Transports Unit Dose Vial Pigs for I-131 Sodium Iodide