Dosage and administration

Rapiscan (400 mcg regadenoson solution, 5ml) is injected intravenously with no dose adjustment for body weight.

  • Rapiscan should be administered over a full 10 seconds into a peripheral vein using a 22 gauge or larger catheter or needle
  • The injection of Rapiscan should be followed immediately by a saline flush (5 ml of sodium chloride 9 mg/ml [0.9%] solution for injection) also administered over 10 seconds
  • The radiopharmaceutical for MPI should be administered 10–20 seconds after the saline flush and may be injected directly into the same catheter as Rapiscan (see figure).
Dosing and administration of Rapiscan
Dosing and administration of Rapiscan

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Treatment with Rapiscan is restricted to use in a medical facility where cardiac monitoring and resuscitation equipment are available.